Welcome to the South Mountain Community College Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to our self-guided, virtual historic walking tour of South Mountain Community College.

When our campus first opened in 1981, it was surrounded almost entirely by farmland. Since then, new houses, businesses, and roads have been built, as South Phoenix has continued to grow.

This walking tour will introduce you to many historic sites on campus. It will also teach you some stories of Arizona and the American Southwest. As you explore the eight stops, take note of the before and after pictures. Each stop features photos of what our campus looks like now, and what it looked like then.

Ready? Please select your first stop below.

South Mountain

1. View of South Mountain


2. Holy Family Catholic Church: NE Corner of Campus


3. Xeriscape Desert Garden


4. Mandela

Mission Wall

5. President's Office/Mission Wall

South Mountain Library

6. Library/5CS


7. Palm Trees


8. Canal/Fry's